Tom Jakubowski

computer programmer

I work for FanMob, a social polling tool connecting fans to sports blogs and sites around the web. Previously I worked for TuneWiki, notably on their website and Spotify application.

Much of my personal work is open source and available on my GitHub account @tomjakubowski. I like to work with Rust, ClojureScript, and Haskell for fun. Some of my projects include:

A Websocket alternative to the ClojureScript browser REPL.
Fizz Buzz as a Service (FBaaS)
The one, the only, the original, the best (or the worst?). Tired of answering Fizz Buzz questions at interviews? Off-load the algorithmic workload to Fizz Buzz as a Service, a polyglot implementation of the classic Fizz Buzz algorithm as web services. Reference implementation in Ruby, with contributions in Coq and Befunge. Just run this and you're done!
printf `curl -s,100 | tr -d \"`

I can be reached by email or XMPP (Jabber) at